Depends what their primary language is. Often with bilingual people. They have different personalities for each language. Which ads to my belief that language also dictates emotions.

If you watch interviews of bilingual people, know bilingual people or are… you tend to have different tones, voices ect in those languages.

I don’t think the lack of fasting is because they know they won’t play. It’s not that there isn’t really a massive amount of interaction as people think. Cultures tend to live with and around the same culture. People date people in their proximity

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Interesting theory. But what about Latinas American born that are bilingual? Does the language theory still apply to them? I like the Quinceanera theory. I definitely see the sense of entitlement.

Do you think that is why you don't see cultural Latinas dating American gringos that much? It's because they know gringos won't play the drama game with them?

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