BowTied Passport's Mexico Relocation Consulting Call

Are you planning to move to Mexico Or Latin America and need a personalized consult to get you started?
Are you looking to gain either a Temporary Residency or Work Visa For Mexico?
Then this is the page for you.

This is a 45 Minute 1:1 Call to give you a personalized walkthrough of how to start your journey to Mexico.
If your are looking to jump the line and go straight to residency or work visa - We are now offering a quote and service to make that happen

I will answer all your specific questions - based on the outline below.

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1. Career Moves and Remote Work: How to work(W2) or build while in Mexico

  • Tips for finding remote jobs in your field

  • Understanding an avenue to start your own business or side hustle

2. Recommendations of Cities in Mexico to Go To:

  • Overview of popular locations and what city is right for you.

3. Things to Know Before You Leave: How to Get Your Stuff Together Back Home:

  • Overview of the logistics of moving

  • What to bring and what not to bring

4. Visa & Residency Requirements:

  • Tourist Visa Vs. Residency: Which one is right for you

  • Residency Process Walkthrough

5. Housing & Accommodation:

  • Where to stay & and avenues for finding a place to live

  • Safety & How not to get scammed

6. Language & Culture:

  • What you need to know about the language and culture

  • How to find language teachers

7. Legal and Financial Considerations:

  • Tax Benefits and Disadvantages

Explanation of tax requirements and regulations for expats in Mexico

Overview of banking and investment options in Mexico

Advice on working with legal and financial professionals in Mexico

8. Safety and Security:

Tips for staying safe and avoiding crime in Mexico

Overview of a couple of local laws that you should know

9. Transportation:

How will you get around in Mexico public transit, taxis, and ridesharing services

10. Networking & Dating & Social Circle Building

When you hit the ground, you're gonna want to network. Whether it's friends or business.

Calls are based on your needs, but it's important that we go over these points so I can customize your call.

Budget Analysis - This will help me customize your call.
Overview of Career Plan - This helps understand your options.

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