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I share a diverse range of insights drawn from my extensive travels around the globe, my passion for culture, and my adventures in language learning.

Occasionally you’ll find wisdom on life and dating.

Who am I

**It's complicated** - The first portion of my life involved being a college entrepreneur, traveling around Europe, running an e-commerce company, and generally leading a somewhat chaotic lifestyle.

At some point, I switched paths and became a military officer, spending a significant amount of time abroad and gaining a different perspective on travel.

A little over half a decade later, I left the military because a tech/business consulting company I had started began to generate more income than my military career. (The military didn't provide the freedom I needed to maintain my success.)

Eventually, I leveraged (in some people's opinions) that experience in reverse and became a senior account executive at a FAANG company. When the pandemic struck, I moved to Mexico and returned to working with startups, which gave me the freedom to travel abroad.

During this time, I had the opportunity to live in multiple countries and learn several languages. These experiences are what shape and guide this substack.

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Tech Sales AE - Currently living in Mexico after traveling the world. Helping 1000+ people experience life abroad. I write articles and guides on Travel, Dating, Global Arbitrage, Culture, and Sales.